Services Quoting in Salesforce

Build accurate quotes based on roles, rates, tasks, schedules and more. Forecast services revenue, expected margin, resource plans and more leveraging the benefits of a native Salesforce app.     

Standardize the Way You Sell

Increase Delivery Margin

Improve Capacity Planning

See why smart, productive people think PSQuote is the best CPQ software

"We approved 48 quotes and synced 192 resource requests in 90 minutes! In the past, this would have taken three days. With PSQuote, it took our team less than two (2) hours."

Jaclyn Todd

AVP, Resource Management and Operational Excellence, Bishop Fox

“We switched to PSQuote after a tough attempt to implement another app for services quoting. The experience has been great.”

Jeremy Taylor

Senior Manager, Global Services PMO, Hyland

"We didn't have insight into the offerings we were selling or quoting the most. Implementing PSQuote made us rethink and restructure our product data in Salesforce. Now we have much better insight into product and offering data."

Joey Poarch

Joey Poarch

Director of Sales Solution Architecture, Zennify

Amateur hour is over. Start quoting services like a pro.

Here's what mature processes from PSQuote can do for you.

  • Save time with repeatable processes 
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and disparate systems 
  • Sell productized offerings with room to add custom scope  
  • Avoid time delays common with manual estimating

  • Hit your targets by selling the right services accurately
  • Make strong decisions with a real-time view of revenue and margin based on your resource mix and delivery schedule
  • Track ‘As Delivered’ against ‘As Sold’ to maximize revenue

  • Inject predictability early into your planning  
  • Stop playing Tetris to fit people into the projects
  • Ensure the right people get on the right projects

PSQuote is the #1 CPQ for professional services

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Features of PSQuote, the pioneer in professional services CPQs.

  • Offers three ways to quote: task-based, LOE schedule, or templates/packaged services
  • Works with any PSA for early visibility into resource demands
  • Integrates with doc-gen tools like Conga for faster creation of SOWs
  • Syncs quotes with opportunities or Salesforce CPQ
  • Includes non-labor materials quoting
  • And much more

Quoting like a pro is easy with PSQuote.

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