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Core Plans & Features

Our service quoting software cost structure is designed to support the dynamic nature of quoting services, and the collaboration of sales, services, and operations/finance team members. We have two license types and our goal is to make your licensing strategy as efficient as possible, contact us about pricing to discuss tiered pricing and volume pricing (with discounts).


Great for team members who only need to view or approve quotes and proposals

Affordable for teams of all sizes

  • View quotes & all quote details (offerings, pricing, etc.)
  • Approve Quotes
  • View Task Quoting, WBS & Gantt
  • View & Approve Quote Documents
  • View Offerings, Roles, Rates, Materials, etc
  • Access to support portal
  • Requires Salesforce Platform License (purchased separately)


Great for team members who require complete access to all PSQuote features

Affordable for teams of all sizes

Includes All the View/Approve features plus:

  • Create & Edit Quotes
  • Add Offerings, Edit Pricing, Apply Discounts
  • Edit Labor Hours, Schedules, Materials and Milestones
  • Set Quote as Primary, Sync, Clone, etc.
  • View & Edit Task Quoting, WBS & Gantt
  • Create Quote Documents (SOWs, Proposals, etc.)
  • Configure Offerings, Roles, Rates, Materials, etc.
  • Access to support portal
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud License (purchased separately)

PSQuote is the #1 quoting solution for professional service CPQ, built on the Salesforce platform.

Designed specifically for services

A trusted Salesforce partner

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