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How a CRO is fueling growth with a simpler, automated quoting system

From molecules to project plans, success lies in the details 

In the clinical research space, success is found in the tiniest details, from molecules to protocols. For Alliance Pharma, a contract research organization (CRO), success also depended on creating a better experience for customers during the sales process. Doing so would require digitization and automation—which are more complicated in a highly regulated space. 

PSQuote has the right tools for every step 

Having already implemented FinancialForce, PSQuote was chosen to elevate the Alliance Phama sales cycle and create a better end-to-end experience, from quote to delivery.  

Alliance Pharma specializes in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) and bioanalytical services for both small and large molecules. They work closely with clients throughout the development life cycle, from pre-clinical/clinical trials to market entry, allowing full access to data and creating strong partnerships along the way. 

Alliance Pharma is fueling growth with a centralized and standardized quoting process

With PSQuote deployed, AlliancePharma will leverage the power of the Salesforce platform to centralize and standardize their quoting process—supporting their growth as they rapidly expand into more regions. 

“PSQuote is the right tool at the right time. We are aggressively scaling our organization to achieve growth goals over the next several years, and getting the right tools in place is key.  We know PSQuote is going to grow with us, and we’re grateful for CLD Partners’ excellent implementation work,

 Ryan Klein, Senior Director of Business Development and the executive sponsor for the implementation.  

CLD Partners CEO Steve Clune, who originally designed PSQuote, sees this as a further step in CLD offering specific expertise to the CRO space: 

“Contract Research Organizations have unique challenges in transforming their workflows to a more automated and digital system. Through implementing FinancialForce with multiple CRO clients, including Alliance Pharma, we have gained expertise in this space. And, now in deploying PSQuote, we’re enhancing our solution offering to these organizations. I am excited to grow our practice for CROs even more.”

Steve Clune, CEO of CLD Partners (the makers of PSQuote)